Iphigenia (ami_vrai) wrote,


Well tonight I called Mr. Goodcents to try to talk to the manager about my application. The guy who answered told me the manager was busy and if I left a number he would give it to him and he'd call me back later that night. Well, he never called and they're already closed. Oh well, I honestly don't really care. I'll have to call back in a couple days but I'm not in a huge rush. If no place ever wants to hire me again for the rest of my life then fine. I watched Law & Order: TBJ tonight, it was awful...just awful, sickeningly awful. I feel like I'm going to puke just thinking of how bad it was.

I really need to go grocery shopping, there is absolutely no food here. I have a muffin and some pudding and other random snacks, but no actual food. Whenever I go to the grocery store I always end up getting pointless things that I can't eat for actual meals and then I end up ordering in. My favorite eyeshadow broke two days ago, Hard Candy Uzi ;; God, I am still pissed at myself. I'm a klutz and just dropped it and it cracked. It's still useable but it's just all broken into pieces and looks ugly. So to make up for it I ordered a few things from Urban Decay last night, although Uzi was sold out. I still want to work at Mac, but I have no car or way of transportation so it just wouldn't work out. I am pretty sure I'd get hired. I mean, this isn't Hollywood or anything where you have to have amazing make-up skills, this is land of the rednecks where no one knows anything about make-up.

I can't wait to go back to Florida. While there are a lot of economical and long-term reasons why it's good to go back there, I mainly just want to be near my mom and Andrea. And my mom's cat, Stella, I love that cat.

I'm tired, bored, I am going stir-crazy, I need to get out of this damn house. I think I have a fever.

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