Iphigenia (ami_vrai) wrote,


You are not fucked up. Your life is not exceptionally worse than the average person. You're not special and do not deserve special attention because you get sad sometimes and your psychiatrist diagnosed you with depression. Depression isn't a disease. Everyone gets depressed, it's called being a human being. Do you ever feel lazy? Well maybe you are cursed with the couch-potato disease and need medicine because of it. Do you have any idea how much money corporations are making off of people's "depression"? There are other ways to improve your life than taking a fucking pill, which are usually barely more effective than placebos anyway.

No one is truly happy. Depression is not uncommon. Even if you have suffered a traumatic incident in your life (abusive family, rape, near-death experience) it still doesn't make you an exception. Things like that happen to a lot of people. I think there are some exceptions, but for the most part I think people just wallow in self-pity way more than they need to. For God's sake, there have been ex-POW's that have come back to find out that their wives divorced them and their kids taken from them, and they have been able to one day get back into the swing of things and lead a normal life and not wallow in self-pity and despair until the day they die. Stop spending all your time thinking, "God, I am so fucked up. People just don't understand." Stop wasting your life away by pretending to be this horribly fucked up person who will never recover when you're not.

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