January 25th, 2005



Well, I could barely sleep at all last night. I would sleep for about fifteen minutes at a time and then wake up for another fifteen minutes. I was yelling and moaning in pain all night. I almost overdosed on ibuprofen, I took about 2000 mg in 12 hours, along with a little too much Tylenol and Aleve. After about 1000 mg of the Ibuprofen it stopped working, so I just had immense pain in my mouth with extreme nausea on top of it. I got the doctor's appointment moved from 12 to 10; I called and asked if they had any cancellations and luckily they did. I got there and the pain was just getting worse and worse, and it seemed to take forever get into the fucking office. Everyone who got there after me was called before me. Anyways, as soon as I get in the office I'm crying hysterically like a moron. The dental assistant, who was very nice, did an x-ray on me and I had to bite down really hard with my infected tooth, which felt great of course. The doctor comes in and tells me that I have an extremely nasty abscess in my tooth. Big surprise. This was also the same tooth that I already had a root canal done on. So he decided to go in and operate on my tooth and try to save it instead of extracting it. He put anesthetics in my mouth right away and it absolutely did nothing. The pain actually felt worse with the more he put in. Eventually it got semi-numb, but it was so badly infected that I could still feel most of the operation. He gave me about thirty shots of the novocaine, at least. It was so awful. I was bleeding everywhere, the dentist's gloves were completely covered in blood. I was do dizzy and sick that everything is just so vague. It started to feel slightly better when they yanked out all the tissue and drained all the pus, then it hurt again when they put in the stitches. I looked like total hell. While walking to the bathroom I was stumbling while there was blood spewing out of my mouth, and I look in the mirror and there is blood all over my face. I literally looked (and felt) like I was dead.

Also, one of my bottom teeth was hurting very badly during the operation. The dentist at first thought that it was just pain from my upper tooth spreading around, but it turns out that I most likely have an abscess in that tooth as well. Isn't that lovely? It looks like that tooth got the abscess because it somehow got chipped (which I didn't even notice until looking, it's toward the back), so bacteria creeped its way in. Anyways, I was still in a ton of pain afterwards until I took my vicodin. Wow, it makes you feel like you're in heaven. It's so much better than any amount of ibuprofen. Hopefully it won't start to lose its effect after taking it a few times though, I do not want that pain too come back. I may have to get another root canal on Thursday, I'm so excited. My mouth is all nasty looking now. It looks like there's a huge incision on my gums, from all the shots. My gums are completely crusted with blood. I'm just glad I feel better at this moment, I thought I was about to kill myself last night, literally.